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Peaceful Moment Relaxation Massage Definition

Full body relaxation massage utilizing Swedish massage techniques. Light to medium pressure no deep work just a moment of peace from reality

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Neck pain

Touch is our most primal need as an infant.  Holding a young baby has the power to impact healthy growth and development.  We understand this due to the primates and affection study carried out by Dr. Harry Harlow.  If touch has the capacity to foster healthy children then it’s fair to reason that massage has the capacity to foster healthy people.

What makes a relaxation massage a beautiful health and wellness approach is its potential to address mental, physical, and emotional health.  A nurturing touch calms the mind, easing a person into a meditative state.  A relax massage with a strong touch improves the body-mind connection while addressing inhibited muscle function.  People become aware of their own body beyond feeling pain.  A person may say that he or she feels pain in one area but learn that the source of that pain is from another area.  As therapists move and work across the body people learn more about their own body, becoming aware of muscle tension that was there but wasn’t aggravating him or her to the point of pain.

Relaxation Massage for Back Pain

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One of the most common pain complaints is low back pain.  We hear this more and more these days with desk jobs and computer based careers on the rise.  People spend eight hours or more a day sitting.  This is most commonly going to affect the psoas major muscle and quadratus lumborum.  The psoas major is a muscle that lies deep in the abdomen with attachments in the lower lumbar vertebrae. Actions such as bringing your knee to your chest or flex your hip engage this muscle.  When you sit for long hours you are leaving this muscle to rest in an over-shortened state, pulling on the low-back.   The quadratus lumborum rests on top of the iliac crest, essentially the top of the pelvis, with attachments on the last rib and lower lumbar vertebrae.  When you hike your hip toward your shoulder, elevating the hip, you’re using your QL muscle.  When sitting at a desk for long hours, often people favor one side for pressing their weight. For back pain, as a result of desk work, massage may help in restoring balance to the muscle.

Stress has a unique way of manifesting in the body. It may take hold within the muscle creating tension knots. It may, if it pertains to a worrying mind, induce a sense of fatigue and overall lethargy. In these circumstances, massage therapy is a wonderful tool used to relieve fatigue, reduce tension and anxiety, and  calm the nervous system. Using massage to relieve stress provides people an opportunity to restore, relax, and nurture the mind.

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