Prenatal Massage Benefits

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Massages have been famous since ancient times and serve a number of different purposes. For some, massage is a sensual activity, while others enjoy a good massage to help them relax. Specific massage techniques can also help to alleviate pain and speed up recovery following an injuryMassage therapy can also be useful in providing relief of specific symptoms and ailments that a woman may experience during pregnancy as well. Many studies show prenatal massage benefits, as well as to provide more accurate information on the safety of these massages. Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider getting a prenatal massage if you are currently pregnant.

Prenatal Massage Definition

A prenatal massage refers to different massage techniques that can be utilized while a woman is going through pregnancy. The most common type of massage provided to women when they are pregnant is known as the Swedish Massage. Each type of massage provided during the pregnancy duration has specific pros and cons that should be considered. There are also some massages that are not recommended during this time.

Prenatal Massage Benefits

Numerous prenatal massge benefits can be obtained by a woman who opts for a massage when she is pregnant. These massages can be provided to the woman during any time of her pregnancy. During the earlier stages of pregnancy, prenatal massages may help relieve the discomfort that the woman might experience due to the growing child inside of her. Later on, prior to delivery, the use of prenatal massages may help to ease pain and also reduce the various effects that a woman may experience when she goes into labor.

Many studies have been conducted to identify the possible prenatal massage benefits during pregnancy. One study, conducted by the Touch Research Institutes, found massages during pregnancy to help reduce the risk of the woman suffering from postpartum depression following the delivery of the baby. The study also provided evidence that prenatal massages may help to reduce the risk of giving birth prematurely and also offer a reduction in the risk that the baby may be born at low birth weight.

Another study by the same institute provided evidence that massage therapy provided to a pregnant woman during her pregnancy can also help to alleviate the symptoms of prenatal depression, as well as provide significant relief in the pain that she may experience due to the numerous changes occurring within her body. Both back pain and leg pain was reported to become reduced after each session of prenatal massage therapy. Women also reported relief of anxiety-related symptoms and improvements in the overall state of their relationship with their partner.

One study was also able to provide evidence that prenatal massage therapy may be useful in providing an improvement in the outcome of labor. The study found that women who underwent prenatal massages prior to giving birth had a significantly shorter labor time. Additionally, there was a significant reduction in the need for administering pain medication to these women while they were giving birth.

When To Get A Prenatal Massage

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It is essential for women to obtain prenatal massages only when it is safe. When looking at various prenatal massage contraindications, it is highly recommended that women do not opt for prenatal massages during the first trimester of their pregnancy. During this time, the risk of having a miscarriage is significantly higher than during the later stages of their pregnancy. Thus, it is usually considered safer to wait until the woman is at least in her second trimester of pregnancy before she starts to opt for prenatal massages.

Who Should Get A Prenatal Massage And Who Shouldn’t?

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In addition to considering when it is most appropriate to get a prenatal massage, women should also consider their own safety profile. It is always a good idea to speak to the physician who is overseeing the particular individual’s pregnancy about whether a prenatal massage is safe for them, or if they should instead avoid these techniques due to potential hazards it may hold for the baby. When certain complications have developed with the baby during pregnancy, a doctor may also advise a patient not to undergo any strenuous activities and may also instruct the patient to avoid a prenatal massage. It is vital to adhere to such instructions in order to reduce the chances of further complications developing with the pregnancy. Even though a prenatal massage is known to help reduce the risk that the baby may be born too soon and also assist with providing a reduction in the risk of other complications, it may worsen conditions when there are also problems with the woman’s pregnancy.

Is Prenatal Massage Dangerous To The Baby?

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No matter if you are considering a prenatal massage in Apex NC, or anywhere else in the world, there are always some licensed therapists who have more experience with providing these massages than others. One particular concern that women should have is the safety of their baby. Generally, a prenatal massage is not considered harmful. This, however, does not mean there are no risks involved in obtaining such a massage while pregnant. Firstly, it is vital to consider the fact that not all therapists are experienced in providing massages to pregnant women. Due to the changes in the woman’s body and the growing baby, not all standard massage techniques can be used.

When you are searching on Google for a “prenatal massage near me,” look at the reviews provided by women who have gone for a massage at the therapists that show up first. Consider the ones with higher ratings better options. At the same time, look at the qualifications that these therapists hold. It is wiser to opt for a prenatal massage from a therapist who specializes in these massages than to opt for a therapist who provides general massages and have some experience in providing her customers with massages during pregnancy.

Another factor consider is prenatal massage prices. Prenatal massage therapists may charge more than general massage therapists since the techniques they use are more specialized. When you see service with a price that seems too good to be true, be wary. You do not want to risk the well-being of your baby just so that you can save a few dollars.

Massage During Pregnancy

Whether you opt for a prenatal massage during the third trimester or during the second trimester. These massages have numerous benefits to provide you with at all times during your pregnancy. To truly benefit from prenatal massages, women should opt for a licensed therapist and take various safety concerns into account. In this post, we provided details on how a prenatal massage can be beneficial to a woman during pregnancy, and we discussed who should avoid such a massage.


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